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The Waggery is Ballarat’s premier Dog Daycare Centre conveniently located within minutes to the CBD. We have created an innovative secure indoor/outdoor facility focusing on the comfort and needs of the dogs in our care including climate controlled indoor play areas.

Dog daycare, as the name suggests can be likened to daycare for children. It provides a cage free environment in which your dog is free to play and interact with other dogs. Your best friend will return home tired and happy after a full day of fun, mental & physical activities along with socialising and building friendships with other dogs.

The Waggery will soon become a familiar place for your dog to visit, and it won’t take them long to learn what day of the week it is, and where they will be going! We do more than just mind your dog, The Waggery will be your dogs’ home away from home while you’re at work, on a day trip, have errands to run, renovating the house or are just too time poor to give your furkid the stimulation and exercise they need. And just like at home, we have some basic rules & boundaries that we encourage dogs and their owners to follow. We reinforce these rules and boundaries by rewarding good behaviour with praise, cuddles and yummy treats and for those who need a reminder are asked to slow down, sit, relax and catch their breath before being able to re-join the fun and games.

A day at The Waggery also offers helpful benefits dogs who are perhaps bored, have separation anxiety, or need extra socialisation. You will have complete piece of mind knowing that your dog will be safe, cared for and supervised at all times and most importantly having fun in your absence. In keeping our numbers low, staff are able to provide the human contact and re-assurance needed to enhance your dogs’ experience at The Waggery. (Cuddles always included)

We know dogs. We take the time to get to know all of our dogs, their play styles and how they behave and interact in the daycare environment. We are able read and understand dog behaviours and can identify any possible unwanted behaviours and intervene if necessary, before it develops.  We ensure that dogs are grouped according to several factors, we understand senior or sensitive/quiet dogs have different needs to young puppies those with high energy levels. Dogs are free engage whatever activity they feel like, nap on the couch, lay by the heaters, or run around playing tag or chase balls and with their friends.

  • Address 5 Rerock Drive, Delacombe
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